Business English in International Organizations

BEIO project team

The research project of 'Business English in International Organisations' is permanently staffed by Terry Haggerty.  The project is also staffed by a senior researcher and graduate researchers who join the project for one or more semesters.

Terry Haggerty - Research Director

His career has been mostly in technology industries at such companies as British Telecom, Nokia and SAP.  He started as an engineer before becoming a trainer, and during this time developed an easy international style of English in order to train foreign engineers in complex technologies.  Later, he enjoyed a career in management and as a freelance management consultant and coach.  

Terry started his research in 2009 after a colleague in Moscow alerted him to problems with retention, performance and morale caused by English language use.  Initially interested in how various industries and professions coped with international English issues, his attention moved to the current research in ‘English as a Lingua Franca’ (ELF).  

Work with Susanne Strubel-Burgdorf and other researchers at Bonn University, Germany began in 2012.  The result of this cooperation is the research project ‘Business English in International Organisations' (BEIO).  Terry is also a human resources consultant at German software company SAP.

Pawel Sickinger - Senior Researcher

Pawel graduated as a translator for English and Japanese at Bonn University, to then discover his strong interest in linguistics, which lead him to write a PhD thesis under the supervision of Professor Schneider. The resulting research project in Translation Studies / Cognitive Semantics is centrally concerned with developing a novel technique for comparing the meaning of expressions across languages, based on visual concept representations shared by their speakers. The thesis titled Mental Models across Languages  Baldness terms in German, English and Japanese is currently being reviewed for publication at Benjamins.

Since 2007, Pawel has been working at Professor Schneiders chair for Applied Linguistics as a research assistant and lecturer, teaching BA and MA classes in Pragmatics, Cognitive Linguistics, Psycholinguistics and Translation Studies. He has furthermore been involved in a number of research projects, including Pragmatic Profiling (PRA.PRO), the Pragmatics of Namibian English (PraNamE) and the interdisciplinary project Mimicry as Communication. Currently, he is working on a game theoretical approach to Experimental Pragmatics.

Friederike Sell - Senior Researcher

Friederike completed the MSc Applied Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. She then stayed on to work on a research project which served to inform foreign language learning policy at Scottish primary schools. Her keen interest in applying insights from the scientific study of language and language use outside academia is now being brought to bear in BEIO.

She has taught courses on Pragmatics and Intercultural Communication at undergraduate and graduate level at the University of Bonn, and has been involved in research projects on pinpointing pragmatic competence in different speaker groups (pragmatic profiling, PRA.PRO) as well as email etiquette in student-professor exchanges (EEE). Her ongoing PhD project is a psycholinguistic enquiry into the role of general cognitive mechanisms in foreign language speakers’ language use.

Gaby Axer - Graduate Researcher

Gaby joined the BEIO project in October 2015 and has been mainly been working on the preparation and planning of interviews.  She holds a BA in English Studies and Linguistics & Phonetics from the University of Cologne and since 2013 has been a student in the MA Applied Linguistics at the University of Bonn. She also spent 10 months studying Forensic Linguistics at Aston University (Birmingham, UK). Moreover, she is the Senior Student Liaison Officer of the Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics. During her time at Bonn, she has been employed as a studet assistant, working at the RCEP, on research projects and teaching tutorials.

Kim-Kathrin Riegel - Graduate Researcher

Kim joined the BEIO project in October 2016 and works mainly on the transcription and coding of interviews. She holds a BA in Modern Languages, Cultures and Economics from the university of Gießen and is currently studying in the MA program Applied Linguistics in Bonn. She also works as a language teacher at TSI Bonn, which goes hand in hand with her interest in interlanguage and EFL.

Past Researchers

Susanne Strubel-Burgdorf (sen. researcher), Katharina Weber, Lena Maria Simmert, Karolina Jagodzinski and Elisabeth Hampel.

Professor Klaus P. Schneider - Faculty Head of Bonn Applied English Linguistics

The BEIO project (Business English in International Organisations) is one among several third-party funded projects placed at Professor Schneider's chair of Applied English Linguistics in Bonn. Prof. Schneider and the projects' research teams meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas and processes that may be vital for each project.

For more information on Prof. Schneider, his research interests and publications as well as the other projects, please visit his webpage on Bonn Applied English Linguistics.